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Information Required for Public Service Announcement

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    Requests must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the Event Date so that production of the PSA and adequate rotation in the on-air broadcast carts can be achieved. The earlier the request is submitted (even months in advance), the more air play it is likely to receive. St. Paul Radio reserves the right to edit any text or audio voice-over to insure compliance with FCC regulations for non-commercial educational broadcasters. See “Sample Public Service Announcement” (page 4) for an example of the text that conforms to the established FCC guidelines.

    PSAs may contain:
    • The who, what, when, where, why, and how of the event and the group organizing the event. PSAs must be informational in nature.
    • Background music and limited sound effects are permitted.
    PSAs may NOT contain:

    Call to action
    • e.g., “call 974-6167 for more information” or “visit us on the Web at...”
    • To give out a phone number or a web address, use third person. (e.g., “For more information, representatives can be reached at 706-555-5555”)
    Superlative description or qualitative claim (even if true and substantiated) about the organization, its products or its services.
    • e.g., “the premier organization of the CSRA”
    • words such as “leading,” “leader” or “leadership,” or “a great play”.
    Direct comparisons with other organizations or with other organizations' products or services.
    • e.g., “we're better than the rest,” or “others just don't compare”
    Price or value information
    • e.g., “tickets are $10” or “admission is free”
    Inducements to buy, sell, rent or lease
    • e.g., “buy one, get one free”
    • e.g., “winner of a 2001 Tony Award” or “Grammy-award winning”

    Text for Audio Portion: Immaculate Conception POP Art Party

    Announcer: “Immaculate Conception Catholic School will host its 6th Annual POP Art Party on Friday, April 30th beginning at 7 pm at the Augusta Marriott. The evening will include dinner, dancing and other diversions. For more information or to make reservations, organizers can be reached at 706-722-9964, that’s 706-722-9964.

    Note: This text is in compliance with FCC rules for non-commercial educational broadcasters. St. Paul Radio encourages organizations wishing to submit information about an event on our “PSAs Information Form.” Please include all the elements of the Sample above.

    For more information regarding the rules for Public Service Announcements or questions about your submission, St. Paul Radio can be contacted through the following:

    Augusta: 762-218-3911